Test anything. Always. With no code.

Create trust in the development and release of you applications, so you can spend effort on what it is really is important. With Smokex you can automate your HTTP requests and create tests to help in your development.

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Some of our awesome features

Test without effort

You can create a test suite for your backend or frontend in a eye blink.

Works with anything

Smokex will work for any kind of code, regardless the technology used.

Protects your product

Detect downtimes, performance issues or errors and ensure the correctness of your releases.


Smokex workflows can be used for anything, e.g. create a pipeline to send/retrieve information from third parties.

How it works

First, create your workflow

Create a workflow with your executions. You can add expectations on the response to create tests for applications, for example a button is present or to ensure the request responds in time.

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Schedule or launch it manually

When you create a new plan you schedule executions using a cron sentence, additionally you can manually run your plan on demand.

Get the results of the executions

Configure the notifications or check the execution details of your workflows to get the information of any failed expectations or errors.

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