Monitor and test you applications. With no code.

With Smokex you can monitor the uptime of your applications, automate your HTTP requests, or create tests to validate your applications.

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A powerful tool to monitor & test your applications

Test anything in a heartbeat

Create tests for your applications without changing anything in your current projects.

Monitor your uptime

Want to know immediately if your website or server goes down? Smokex will notify you if detects a problem!

Protect your product

Identify downtimes, performance issues, routing problems, errors... Smokex will send you an alert to your email and Slack.

Powerful & flexible

The powerful template engine allows our customer to automate almost anything to test and monitor their products.

How it works

Create a workflow

Create a workflow containing for example, uptime checks or validations for your website or server. Check the documentation for more information on how it works.

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Schedule or launch it manually

After you create a workflow, you can schedule the executions using a cron sentence. Want to run it on demand? You can also do it manually.

Get a coffee, we will take it from here

We will run your workflow with the uptime checks, tests... Now you can sit and relax, if we detect any problem will send you an alert immediately via email or Slack with the details you need.

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Simple scenario, monitor uptime of your application

Get notified when your site goes down, you will immediately get an email or Slack message.

  - get:
      host: ""
        status_code: 200

Start monitoring your applications for free!

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