Welcome to smokex.io 🎉

Let's get rocked!

We've designed a simple and powerful tool to automate any HTTP request. You can use Smokex for:

  • Create smoke tests to check if a release is up and running.
  • Schedule a HTTP request to keep Heroku instances up.
  • Send a ping request to ensure a system is reachable.
  • Automate data transfer between third party tools.
  • Anything you can imagine.


Although Smokex can be consider as an HTTP request tool, it's main purpose is to create smoke tests and use them in the development workflow.

During our career, we faced the same question several times: how can we ensure we don't deploy a broken release? And the quick answer is, as always, you can't be sure of that. But you can minimize the impact by checking the correctness of your application and releases by running smoke tests periodically.

Getting started

We will help you to take you first steps

Creating any workflow is extremely easy and can be done in 3 simple steps.


Create a workflow

Create workflow that will assert a 200 response and a specific value in the response:

- post:
    host: "http://httpbin.org/post"
      name: "Michael Jordan"
      number: 23
      status_code: 200
          number: 23

Launch an execution

When you create a new workflow you schedule executions using a cron sentence, additionally you can manually run your workflow on demand.


Check the result

You can check all the executions of your workflows, including the detail of any failed assertions or errors.